Property and Real Estate Law


What are the services provided relating to Property and Real Estate Law?

We offer advice and service in all aspects of real estate, be it residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural, including sale and purchase agreement, property due diligence, joint venture involving property, landlord and tenant issues, tenancies, leases, real property gains tax matters, resolution of real estate disputes, surrender and re-alienation of titles and land acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Legal representation in each conveyancing transaction is crucial to safeguard the interests of the parties from the point of negotiations begin until the title of the Property is transferred to the relevant party.

When the property is not directly purchased from the developer, it is known as sub-sale transaction. In sub-sale transaction, the terms and conditions in the sale and purchase agreement need to be carefully negotiated between the parties so as to avoid any disappointment and frustration later.  Therefore, it is strongly advisable to the legally represented in sub-sale transaction.