General Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Single Practice Area

What are the services provided under general civil litigation and dispute resolution?

We provide legal services and legal representation in Court pertaining to civil and commercial disputes involving areas of law such as breach of contract, construction and engineering disputes, post joint venture disputes, property disputes, insolvency and winding up litigation, shareholders disputes, and breach of directors’ duties, eviction, enforcement of the judgment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

It is standard practice for lenders to issue demand to borrowers before commencing legal action. However, failure to do so is not fatal to the claim.

If the action is not instituted within the time limit, the cause of action will be time barred or statute barred and the Plaintiff is left without remedy. The law only helps those who are vigilant not the indolent. 

Once a judgment is obtained, its enforcement becomes the next course of action. The Judgment Creditor may enforce its judgment under Writ of Seizure and Sale, Prohibitory Order, Garnishee Proceedings, Writ of Possession, Charging Order, Appointment of Receiver, Order for Committal, Writ of Distress and Judgment Debtor Summons.